The Life of a Loved Clinic Cat: A Tribute to Meeko

Meeko - Oakview Vet Plover Stevens Point WI

The story of Meeko, our clinic cat of 6 years, starts when he was dropped off July of 2012.

A car literally pulled up to the front door and dropped a carrier off at our door step. No person ever came inside to explain but instead just drove off. Emily, one of our senior CVTs, happened to be up in the reception area talking to Pat, our lead receptionist. She assumed it was a hurt animal in distress. But when they went outside to grab the carrier it instead contained a 22 pound cat crying to get out!

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We immediately put him on a diet and the initial plan was to adopt him out once we dewormed, vaccinated and did an overall health check. He seemed to fit right into a clinic cat way of life in the meantime. He helped us advertise weight loss foods, demo SQ injections, and would always come to the rescue when he thought there was an animal in distress! He seemed to always be there when you turned around making himself comfortable, even in the heaviest traffic areas.

Meeko - Oakview Vet Plover Stevens Point WI
Meeko advertising prescription weight loss diet
Portrait 2-1
Meeko laying right behind one of the treatment computer chairs

It was not long before we found that Meeko had many health issues. At first it was GI symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. But not long after came the itching and biting all over his body. After numerous diagnostic testings we discovered it all stemmed from food allergies. We went through many different prescription diets and medications to find the right combination that helped him.

By this time Meeko has made himself comfortable and is quite content on being an Oakview clinic cat


At this point Meeko had won the hearts of EVERYONE who worked in clinic! And for the most part was doing great. We always knew when he got into another animals food, or even sometimes worse, ripped open an expensive prescription diet, because he would again develop vomiting, diarrhea and/or itching/biting and scabs.

For many years he made it known that he was the boss of Oakview Veterinary Medical Center by supervising the team. He would be found all over the clinic

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And its safe to say EVERYONE had to give Meeko love everyday

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He was always such a sport when we wanted to buy him things and bring him trinkets back from vacation for him

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He would make sure we were doing our job correctly by constantly supervising us. Sometimes he slept on the job or was caught fraternizing with patients….but we wouldn’t have had it any way!

Discussing with a kitty patient on the other side of the vent the new clinic protocols he is implementing


In August of 2018 our astute kennel attendants noticed he was not eating the best and that there was blood on his food bowl. Our CVTs looked in his mouth and saw an oral mass. Dr Scott biopsied this growth early September 2018. It came back as an adenocarcinoma. This cancerous growth in the mouth most likely arose from a salivary gland or nasal mucosal tissue. Because these tumors are highly invasive and result in tissue destruction his prognosis was guarded. We discussed him and his case at our September staff meeting and as a team we decided we wanted to keep him comfortable. We did not want to put him through anything that would make him feel worse than he already felt. On top of his heart murmur and kidney failure that he had developed over the past few years he was not a candidate to do any kind of chemo or radiation safely.

We continued to unconditionally love him for those next few months and everyone seemed to spoil him in their own special way. Sometimes it was by “not noticing he snuck up front” to letting him explore to making other team members get something off the printer for you because you did not want to disturb Meeko on your lap, and everything in between.

On the afternoon of Friday November 9th we said goodbye to this amazing co-worker, supervisor, team-mate, boss, animal advocate, OSHA employee, prescription diet quality control worker but most of all friend to all. If you were one of the handfuls of people that got to know and work with this little guy you were extremely lucky. Our clinic is very quiet and just not the same without him here.

Meeko RIP

Love the team of Oakview Veterinary Medical Center

Meeko bw


Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and catThis blog was written by Angel Blenker, lead certified veterinary technician who utilized photos by numerous team members, past and present, who cared for him immensely. And a very special thanks to a special and talented client who went out of her way to make a very special charm for his remains. We all love it!


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Meeko’s beautiful urn, back in the clinic, where he will always belong


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Angel graduated from Madison Area Technical College in 2004 with a Veterinary Technology degree and received her certification same year. She joined us in 2006 and became our lead technician in 2008. Angel goes to numerous continuing education events including the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas. Her special interests include alternative modalities and nutrition. She is available for nutrition consults. Angel and her husband, Kris share their house with Jerry an 8 year old DSH and Leo who is a 7 year old Dalmatian. Angel loves spending time with her family and animals. When Angel has spare time she enjoys volunteering, traveling or reading a good book.

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