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Since our theme this month is rescuing pets, we thought we’d share some of the pets Oakview employees have rescued!

Oakview Vet - Plover WI


Chelsea was homeless with a bad injury. She needed a leg amputation. After performing the surgery, Dr. Hankison adopted her.






Oakview Pet Gazette Vet Blog - Plover WI


Shamrock had serious medical issues her owners could not afford to treat. They decided to euthanize. Nikki intervened, adopted her, and treated her medical problems. She is now healthy and happy!




meeko in zen area


Meeko was abandoned on the porch of Oakview Vet in 2012. He was extremely obese and plagued with allergies. Dr Curtis worked with him for a long time to get his allergies under control. A diet has kept him slim and fit. He is a senior now with some kidney troubles. But Meeko is a happy, healthy rescued kitty.

He worked his way up very quickly (as most cats do) and is now a supervisor at Oakview.




Rescued Pets - Oakview Vet Plover Stevens Point WI


Slugger and Blooper were both adopted through rescue organizations by our kennel attendant/assistant Kim



Bandit - Oakview Vet Blog - Plover Stevens Point WI


Bandit was saved by our Lead Technician Angel. She came in with a nerve injury and was going to be euthanized. Angel opened up her heart to this wonderful dog.



Finn - Oakview Vet Stevens Point Plover WI


Finn was a “foster fail” by our technician Nikki. That means she fell in love and ended up keeping him.







Stanley - Oakview Vet Stevens Point Plover WI


Stanley was a foster of Nikki’s who found his way into our kennel attendant, Megan’s heart. As you can see, he is one happy boy with his new family.







Cerebus is but one of Lindsay’s rescued pets. He was rescued from a bad situation where he had developed some bad habits (understandably). After a short time with Lindsay, he became a happy and healthy dog. He is now 11 years old and just had his gallbladder removed!






Lindsay adopted Lynus from the Anti-Cruelty Society. He had been rescued from a hoarding situation along with 41 other cats. He was 11 years old and having difficulty finding his forever home. Now he has found it!






This is just a sampling of the many pets Oakview employees have rescued. Check back, we’ll keep adding more!



Oakview Veterinary Medical Center is a progressive clinic located in Plover, WI. Our veterinarians and staff have lots of wisdom and personal stories to share. We are friendly, compassionate, and engaged with all species!

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