Food Puzzles for Cats

Cat Enrichment

Indoor cat enrichment, what does that even mean? Why would I do anything extra for my cat if they are content sleeping all day, eating some food, and going back to sleep? What more is there? They act as if they don’t even need me, but is that true?

The reality is that cats that are allowed to go outside lead significantly shorter lives than indoor only cats. Outside, cats are able to hunt, explore, and discover. It is now up to us to provide ways for our companions to have these experiences indoors.

It has become such an important issue in our indoor cat homes that The Ohio State University Veterinary school has launched a website dedicated to this topic called The Indoor Cat Initiative. This is an excellent resource for all feline homes, so please check it out. They provide ideas for indoor cat enrichment, but really you are only limited by your imagination!

Food Puzzles

In the video below, toys for food motivated kitties are featured. They offer a unique way to feed them and offer brain stimulation at the same time. If they were outside they would need to hunt down their food by waiting patiently, stalking it and finally…well, you know what comes next, but inside food is always waiting. How boring. Luckily there are all kinds of innovative ways to improve their meal time.

Here I am sharing some food toys that my cats enjoy, so much so that Zeike will actually start knocking it around and meowing at me if it is empty until he gets his playtime. This product is called a Fish Bowl that Waldo likes and Zeike enjoys the Slim Cat ball.

Local Resources

Please take a peek at Jay-Mar right next door to Oakview Veterinary Medical Center to check out their selection of cat friendly toys and treats.

Visit the Companion Shop located in downtown Stevens Point. They are a local source for  unique products for cats like catnip toys, food puzzles, and cat teasers.

 For more about cats, check out our last post, Indoor Cats.
 Dr. Curtis
Written by Valerie Curtis, DVM

Dr. Curtis received her undergraduate degree at UWSP and her doctorate of veterinary medicine at Purdue University. She has been in practice for over 10 years. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and compassion are integral to our practice here at Oakview.


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