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Having two wonderful cats of my own is part of what drives me to provide the best care possible for all cats. As a new blogger, they have also been my inspiration! So, I thought you might want to meet them.

Exhibit A-you can’t even see the heater vent!

This is definitely a cold time of year, made even colder by the fact that both my cats have located my heater vent in the bedroom and are consistently found taking all the warmth from it! See Exhibit A above! Notice how you cannot even visualize one inch of the heater vent this time of year! And not even one bit of guilt on his face, imagine that.

Waldo was a cat who was brought to the clinic and surrendered. Shortly after, he ended up needing surgery! Something was stuck in his stomach. After I removed it, I decided he was mine.


Exhibit B

Exhibit B is my other heat thief, Zeike. He was a stray who a client of mine was feeding outside their workplace. He has tried to steal human food ever since! Especially cheetos…

Just like many of us in vet clinics, my pets just seem to fall in my lap. I believe Zeike and Waldo chose me, and I will be forever grateful!

Be sure to take a look next week. I will be talking about litter box etiquette!

Written by Valerie Curtis, DVM

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