Surgery from a Pet’s Perspective

Dog’s point of view:

Where are we going?! We are going for a ride, don’t care where just happy to be with my humans! Oh boy, we are going to the vet! I love those girls there…they give me lots of treats, and it’s a good thing because my people forgot to feed me this morning, even though I tried to remind them a couple of times! They are always so happy to see me at the vet, they talk so sweet to me and give great belly rubs!

I get weighed and then we go and have a party in one of the exam rooms. My people are talking to the ladies..something about me being neutered. Not sure what that means, but they never hurt me here so I am not worried, although the other day I did get a little poke when they took some blood, but boy then I really got a ton of treats so I didn’t mind at all! Then the doctor comes in and talks about me taking a little nap, that sounds great, I’m a little tired from all of this excitement. They all say goodbye to my people and I get to go in the back where they listen to my heart and take my temperature. I don’t mind this part because they do it every time I come in so I am use to it now. Then they remember that I can have a “treat”! It’s delicious and they say it will help me with any discomfort from my “neuter”. The girls then take me to my kennel which smells great and is nice and comfy for my nap.

A little bit later they take me out to go potty and I get another poke but I barely notice because there are so many great smells to discover out here. I am getting a little sleepy though so we head back in so I can finish my nap. Twenty min later they come in get me and I get a ride up on this cool table. They gave me a little haircut on one of my front legs, and I get another little poke..but at this point I am so tired I don’t really even feel it. The ladies tell me I’m doing great and I’ll be really sleepy in a minute.

Recovery - Oakview Vet Plover Stevens Point WI
“Nado” is recovering from surgery all bundled up with his buddy for comfort.

I didn’t know it but while I was out for a little bit I got a pedicure and a shave down by my…. Well in other areas! There were monitors hooked up to me and the doctor and girls listened and watched me the entire time to make sure I was doing ok. I got to lay on a nice warm airy blanket to keep me warm, and got fluids through the poke in my arm to make sure I stayed hydrated and to keep my blood pressure stable.

When I wake up I am cocooned in a toasty warm blanket and feeling pretty good… WAIT, something is missing..what happened to my….!! The girls tell me I won’t be needing them anyway and that I will be healthier without them. I guess I will believe them since they take sure good care of me  Later that afternoon my people come to get me. They have a chat with one of the nice ladies to learn how to take care of me and my incision to make sure I recover well. They say no running, no jumping, and no fun for a few days.. but then after that I am good to go. It’s been a great day at the vet!

Cat’s point of view:

What the heck is going on..I was taking this great nap in the morning sun when my servants scooped me up and put me in this plastic box and in to the car. They forgot to feed me as I so nicely reminded all the way to Oakview! When we got there they opened the lid of my carrier instead of pulling me out which was really nice so I could just sit in there still. Everyone at Oakview is pretty nice..for being a human, I guess. After talking to my servant people about going to the dentist today the Oakview ladies gave me a nice home for the day. It smelled great, had some water, litterbox, and a place for me to hide if I wanted. I still tried to tell them that I didn’t get fed though so I did get a little chewable treat that they said was “medicine” but tasted great! Some time later they brought me back out and poked me with this sharp needle which I did not appreciate but in a couple of minutes I didn’t care because I was feeling pretty sleepy.

When I woke up my mouth felt a little funny but nice and clean. I think I may be missing a couple of teeth I previously had but my mouth feels much better and doesn’t stink like it did. I guess I will let my humans bring me again if it makes me feel like this.

Dental - Oakview Vet Plover Stevens Point WI
This kitty is under general anesthesia and ready to get her teeth worked on.

They told my servant people when they came to pick me up that I get to have some canned food for a few days..wahoo! Man, I am going to milk this as long as I can. They also told them that I stayed nice and warm under some heated blankets while I was getting my dental and they watched me on a monitor the whole time to make sure I was doing well. They said they thought I would do just fine anyway since they checked my bloodwork and looked at me the other day. The girls also took radiographs of all of my teeth so they could see if they were healthy or had to be removed. I guess I won’t scream so much next they take me for a ride since all in all it was a pretty ok day.


Monica - Oakview Vet Plover Stevens Point WIby Monica Waltenberry, CVT

Monica joined us in 2012, bringing previous experience with her.  She calls herself a “Chronic Student” having an Associates Degree in Marketing and in Business Management/Entrepreneurship. In 2014, through Purdue University, she became a Certified Veterinary Technician.
Monica acts as our primary surgical technician and has a special interest in working with exotic pets.
When not working, if the season allows, you will see her out on the Softball Fields as she is an avid softball player. Monica shares her home with her boyfriend Ryan Miller, 4 children, 3 dogs, 1 ferret, 2 cats, 1 Quaker Parakeet, and 1 Amazon Parrot.

Everyday Superheros

Have you ever met a Superhero? If you own a pet, it is likely that you have met several! They have the ability to meet your pet and immediately fall in love with them. They hold them for scary procedures in such a way that your pet can feel safe and secure, while having the tastiest treats fed to them. If your pet needs a blood draw, no problem… these unsung hero’s can collect it, process the lab work, and fill any prescriptions all within your appointment time.

A microscope is one of their necessary tools, as they need to read urine samples, fecal samples, skin impression smears, ear cytology’s, or even a blood smear to help the veterinarian diagnose your furry friend. If they happen to sneak out of the exam room, you may find them taking an urgent phone call to help another pet stay healthy. You may catch one trimming your guinea pigs nails, or perhaps expressing a dog’s anal glands. Sometimes you will see them all dressed in lead to shoot some radiographs.

You may not always see them in a superhero state, as sometimes they get covered in urine, feces, vomit, or even anal glands! They take it like a champ and always have extra scrubs on hand if needed.

If you get unsettling news, and your pet needs to stay at the hospital, these amazing individuals will help you understand the process and get you a cost for treatment. Then they swoop in and place an IV catheter, set up a comfy home for your pet to sleep comfortably and give the necessary treatments to help them recover smoothly. If you have questions on how your pet is doing during their stay, you may want to ask for one of these superhero’s instead of the doctor, as they will probably have more information for you. After all, they have been the ones caring for your pet the whole time! When it’s time to go back home again, you will likely meet with one to go over home care instructions. They have the best advice and have so much knowledge through their schooling, continuing education and most importantly their hands on experience.
If you get a late night phone call from the Vet Clinic, it is most likely them calling to make sure your pet is doing well after their last visit. There is no leaving at closing time as they are there until the job is done.

Cat - Oakview Vet Plover Stevens Point WI

At the end of your pets journey, they can help the doctor take away their suffering. This part tugs at their heart strings, but after all they love animals so much this is the last gift they can give. They may try to hug you, but don’t worry, it’s just part of their nature as they share in your grief.

Vet Techs - Oakview Vet Plover Stevens Point WI

These Superhero’s are called VETERINARY TECHNICIANS!! And they wouldn’t trade their job for anything in the world!

Tune in next week as we share more about what Veterinary Technicians do a on surgery day!


Becca - Oakview Vet Plover Stevens Point WIby Becca Dambroski, CVT

Becca joined the clinic in 2005 after graduating from UWSP with a Bachelor of Science Degree. She became a certified veterinary technician in 2007. Becca and her husband Keith have three children, Ava, Zoe, and Oliver. Her fur family consists of 3 horses: Jet, Mr Pickles and Mariah. Her cats are Stormy and Cheetah.In her down time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family and fur babies. Becca also enjoys working on her family’s dairy farm.

Chase Becomes a Therapy Dog

Back in March, we told you about a Portuguese Water Dog name Chase. He was diagnosed and treated for heartworm. It hasn’t been very long, but Chase’s incredible story continues!

Chase’s owners were not new to his breed. They lost their last Portuguese Water Dog Quinn in 2016. Like many people after losing a beloved pet, they said “No more dogs!” A year later they adopted Chase. This is a typical tail, but the rest of Chase’s story is far from typical!

I’ll let his mom Mari tell you more:

“We picked 4 year old Chase up at the kennel in June of 2017. The breeder said she had been too busy to get his records from the vet, and she would send them to us. After we had paid $1500 for him she said, ‘Oh, by the way, he had heartworm disease, but he’s fine now.’ Nope!”

Chase came in to see Dr. Scott, and she found that his heartworm disease was not gone at all. Part of the difficult and expensive treatment for heartworm is restricted activity, so as his mom says, “Instead of enjoying his new home, running and playing, he had to spend most of his waking hours in his crate…No walk longer than ‘to poop’! After months of treatment, I took him back to Oakview for a check-up and surprise, he had apparently been re-infected before he came to us and we started the process all over again!”

Chase had more issues than these! He was not housebroken, was underweight, and was very fearful of men. Poor Chase! Luckily, he was adopted by a very special family. Spoiling him quickly fixed his weight issue. The men in Mari’s neighborhood stepped up to help his fears. Armed with treats, they greeted him on every walk. After some time and patience, Chase grew to love all people! Now, several neighbors leave water dishes on their porches in case Chase stops by for a visit.

Chase’s confidence had improved, and his mom started to see his personality. Their last dog, Quinn, had been a certified therapy dog, so he could visit hospitals and nursing homes. Mari says, “I saw the potential in Chase as he began to heal. We began training and he passed the test the first time (Did I mention he is very smart?). He is now a member of Love on a Leash and we are visiting patients and residents twice a week.”

Therapy Dog - Oakview Vet Plover Stevens Point WI
Mari and Chase

Getting a dog certified to become a therapy dog is not an easy process. The dog and handler as a team have to pass a test. The test includes things like putting your dog in a sit stay and walking away for one minute. They have to demonstrate the “leave it” command by walking their dog past a bowl full of food that the dog is not allowed to taste. Also, the dog has to stay while his owner walks 20 feet away and not come until called. These are only a few examples! As you can imagine, this is a hard test for any dog! It is pretty amazing that they passed the first time!

Chase’s mom says, “Lessons learned: patience was a huge factor, along with total trust in all the staff at Oakview. We are forever grateful to the entire team. And understanding Chase’s history after cleaning the carpets three times.



Chase is worth it all!”


Written by Karen Russell and Emily Karpinski

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